• Katie Bayachek

Tips and tricks to ensure hair styling runs as smooth as possible on your big day!

Updated: May 17, 2019

I get alot of questions from my clients on how best to prep for the big day. This guide is to help keep thing running smooth and most importantly on time!

To start make sure everyone is on time for their service. If the start time is late it can throw the whole day off. Also make sure to have someone in the bridal party ready to go next as services are completed.

Like discussed in my previous blog hair should be totally dry. This includes all bridal party members. Hair should not be damp. This is especially important with bigger bridal parties to be sure the time schedule is kept. Blowouts should be a scheduled service.

Curly hair and natural hair can be curled over and incorporated into a beautiful style, but if a client would like their hair straightened before it is best to schedule for that and add additional time. On the contrary hair should not be flat ironed prior to service. Flat ironing prior to the style can leave the hair limp and the curls will not last throughout the day.

Clip in extensions can be very silky which makes holding a curl very difficult. Fresh out of the package extensions can be a styling nightmare.The best way to treat clip in extensions is to wash them add some product like a light styling mousse and let them air dry. If you are feeling skillful you can also blow them out prior. Wearing them prior to your big day also helps increase their potential to hold a curl and style. I like to suggest to breaks those babies out for events like the bachelorette party and/or the shower so they can be lived in and worn a little before the big day.

If you have any allergies to products, such as hairspray please inform your stylist prior.

Trials are not just for the bride or guest of honor. They can be a great tool for anyone feeling nervous about the result of their styling. Trials are to help the stylist and client connect to ensure the perfect style is created! Trials are great tools for mothers of the bride and future mother in laws.

Communication is key! If you’re not feeling something, say so. If you don't like your start time, communicate… If you hate that piece of hair falling out of your otherwise perfect up-style, let a sister know!

This is your day, you must look and feel your best!

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