• Katie Bayachek

Letʼs make the most of your hair and makeup trial.

Updated: May 17, 2019

The trial is meant for two things. First off, the obvious... you testing out your look for your big day. The second, it is meant for your artists to get to know you, and you to get to know the artist you have selected.

Start with communication, it is key for a successful trial. For me as an artist I like to hear your story, and learn a little background on the day youʼre celebrating. Take the time to talk about your story. For example, event planning and details, themes, etc.

Next up the prep. Send your inspirational photos ahead of time. The day of your trial,

your hair should be completely dry unless you are getting a blowout first. If you are going to be wearing any extensions communicate that to your artist. (I help my clients color match when asked to and like to, and recommend different brands for all budgets.) I like the extensions to be washed and air dried at least once prior to being used. Fun fact.... extensions right out of the package look like a dream, but not a dream to work with. They will not hold a curl as well and wonʼt give you the real results. So take those beauties out of the package, make sure youʼre happy with the color, wash them with some shampoo, and let them air dry. Stay away from the flat iron prior to your trial. If the hair is flat ironed it will not keep the style as well.

Now let's talk makeup trial prep. Again, send those Instagram photos over. Have a clean makeup free face that is moisturized. When you get to the trial your artist will prep you with skin care and then move into the your makeup application. If you have allergies to anything (especially latex) let your artist know right away. One thing I like to add to my trial consultation is to see a photo of you on a regular day. It helps me as an artist see what you look like on a regular basis. It also helps to ensure you still look like yourself on your special day!

Last but not least. Trials are practice for getting it right the day of your event. If somethingʼs not to your liking... definitely let your artist know. If there is anything you want to change let your artist know!

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